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Meet our Arborists

IMG_5229Jade Nowell
Operations Manager
Favorite tree: Lacebark Elm
Jade grew up in Mesquite, Texas and started working for Dallas Tree Surgeons as an office assistant in 2007. She now lives in Irving in an area with beautiful old trees. For the last 8 years she helped grow Dallas Tree Surgeons into the the full service tree care company it is today. As the Operations Manager she oversees all of our dedicated tree trimming crews, our staff of arborist, and customer communications. She is the glue that keeps us all together and as the owner Amy Heath always says, “we would all be lost and lonely without her.” If you call in the middle of a wind or snow storm because your tree has been damaged, has broken branches, or has been uprooted she will be the calm presence coordinating everything it takes to get a crew to your house. In the snow storm of 2010 she helped Amy dig out her car that was blocked by snow so they could start giving estimates and helping their customers. After the wind storm last year she worked for 18 days straight to try and keep everything organized and professional. She knows every aspect of of managing a small business and caring properly for trees. Jade is excited to get up every morning and get to work with such a great company.


Andrea Davies
Office Manager
Favorite Tree: Desert Willow
Andrea grew up in Mesquite, TX and began working at Dallas Tree Surgeons in 2014. She graduated in 2012 from SMU with degrees in Visual Arts and Anthropology. During her time at SMU she developed a passion for culture and the natural world. In her final semester at school she joined roller derby, which is where she met Jade, the operations manager of DTS and was soon there after joined the Dallas Tree Surgeons staff. When you call us it is probably her who will set up your free estimate, get you in contact with your arborist, or schedule your tree service. She enjoys being a part of the DTS team and has fun working with such wonderful people and talking to customers about their trees. She is also our resident graphic designer and photographer(so keep an eye out for our updated pictures page). She now lives in Garland, TX with her husband, Richard and has three dogs, Dottie, Spunky and Brando.
For more information about her Roller Derby Team visit: www.acderby.com


Emily Long
ISA Certified Arborist TX-4149A
Favorite Tree- Sycamore
Emily grew up in Richardson, TX and graduated from Abilene Christian University with a science degree. She has lived in Rockwall, TX for the past eleven years. She enjoys being outside, landscaping, and gardening. Years ago she started a small landscaping service to foster her love of he outdoors, to start a company her family could be a part of, and to teach her children a strong work ethic. This ultimately led her Dallas Tree Surgeons and her love of arboriculture. Emily is passionate about trees and sharing with others their value. Trees offer environmental, social, and economical benefits. Trees have shown to add up to 20% to the value of homes. Studies have shown that trees can create a calming effect and reduce stress levels. You can read more about this at www.treesaregood.com .

Emily loves talking to customers about their trees and their landscape ideas. Especially near her home in Rockwall (boarding Rowlett, Heath, Wylie, Murphy, Sachse) because of the unique combination of rural and urban tree care and landscaping in these areas. She loves that her job as a certified arborist at Dallas Tree Surgeons allows her to be outside surrounded by nature. She thinks this is the greatest possible work environment.



pecanLindsey Brammer
ISA Certified Arborist TX-3729A
Favorite Tree – Pecan (The Texas State Tree)
Lindsey West Brammer has been with DTS since 2009. Originally from North Carolina and a graduate of the University of South Carolina, she is now proud to call Texas home. She resides in the White Rock area of Dallas, but has cared for trees all over DFW. She started with the company as an arborist and has enjoyed getting to know her customers (and their trees) for years. She recently transitioned to her new position as the Treatment Coordinator. She is happy to be managing such a thorough treatment team as it offers a complete approach to tree healthcare. The Plant Health Care programs offered by Dallas Tree Surgeons cover basic preventative measures including fertilizing and insect control, and more specialized disease management should your tree need care that is more focused and intensive.
In recent years she has seen dynamic changes in the health needs of our local trees due to drought stress and increased insect and fungal activity. The most detrimental of these conditions includes the rise of Hypoxylon Canker and Oak Wilt. As tragic as these diseases can be, she has experience managing both, and is ready to help should your trees require care. She’d love to help you keep your trees healthy and thriving. For more information in Oak Wilt or Hypoxylon Canker click here.



IMG_2992Rebecca Campbell
Arborist in training
Favorite tree- Live oak
Rebecca grew up in Irving and graduated from the University of North Texas, Denton. After spending seven years as a bank auditor, she stayed home to raise and educate her two children. She and her family currently live in Richardson. She’s been an avid flower and vegetable gardener for years and became a Dallas Tree Surgeons customer in 2008. While she has always enjoyed photographing trees, she became much more interested in their health after losing a large Silver Maple to Hypoxylon Canker. Most Maple cultivars ultimately fail in the DFW area due to our hot summers. Hypoxylon Canker is a fungus that infects stressed or weakened trees and ultimately leads to their deaths. For more detail on this fatal tree disease click here. Rebecca transitioned from a DTS customer to employee in early 2015 and is thrilled to have a job that allows her to spend time outside helping people care for their trees.



KHannah Davis
Certified Arborist TX-3889A
Oak Wilt Certified
Favorite Tree – Chinkapin oak

Hannah grew up in Dallas and studied Wildlife at Texas A&M. She began working at Dallas Tree Surgeons in 2011 soon after graduating college, and after much training and studying became an ISA certified arborist. Since she began work as an arborist during an extreme, years-long drought, she became especially familiar with trees’ responses to stress and the diseases they become susceptible to during and after such stress. Kretzschmaria deusta and hypoxylon canker are two that she encounters most regularly and has seen affect the most trees (hackberries and red oaks, respectively), and has counseled many tree owners on the best course of action for any number of species with any number of fungi and diseases. Hannah feels most fulfilled when she is able to provide owners with correct knowledge and advise them how best to apply it to the care of their trees. She is happy to be able to do so in the company of such wonderful arborists and staff at Dallas Tree Surgeons.



DIGITAL CAMERAAmy Langbein Heath

Certified Arborist TX-3569
Favorite Tree- Live Oak
Amy grew up in Dallas and studied at Western State College of Colorado in Gunnison. She began working for Dallas Tree Surgeons in 2006 and when the previous owner moved to Austin she became its manager. In 2011, Amy purchased Dallas Tree Surgeons and continued to develop the company into the full tree care service that it is today. She is passionate about making DTS a great place to work while providing superior service.
During the drought of 2011, Amy began to see the wide spread effects on the trees and developed the Plant Health Care division to provided much needed services to her customers. After extensive research she created a program that allows tree care to be adjusted for each specific customer rather than only offering a standard plans. Closely managing a small business, keeping long term employees who see and care for the same trees year after year and actually caring about the trees allow for this. Some of the services offered are organic deep root fertilization, soil aeration, soil amendments, insect control (borers, web worms, scale), disease control (Fire Blight, Oak Wilt, Anthrocnose, Bacterial Leaf Scorch). Amy feels lucky to get to go to work everyday with people she cares for and to spend her days looking at trees.



OWAndy Ferguson
Certified Arborist TX-4060A
Oak Wilt Certified
Favorite Tree – Chinese Pistache
Andy grew up in Dallas,TX and is friend of Amy Heath’s from their days of waiting tables at Celebration Restaurant in the 90’s. He began working at a tree nursery on 2005 and there he gained an appreciation for trees and realized he wanted to focus his career in arboriculture. In 2013 he was employed by Dallas Tree Surgeons as an arborist. Andy enjoys gaining new knowledge about tree care almost as much as he enjoys passing it on to others. After attending an Oak Wilt conference in July of 2014, and witnessing first hand the devastation the disease can cause, Andy became passionate about educating people on the best prevention methods. Identifying Oak Wilt early can save many Oak trees in close proximity. for more informant about Oak Wilt call us for a free consult or click here to read more. Developing lasting professional relationships with other arborsits as well as clients makes working at Dallas Tree Surgeons a very rewarding experience for Andy.