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Arborist Services

Our Certified Arborists in Dallas, TX are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. We provide a full tree inspection and gather the tree’s history from the customer when determining possible reasons for a tree’s decline.

Everyone knows trees are important to the environment, but not everyone appreciates how important they are to a homeowner’s ecosystem. Trees provide valuable environmental benefits in urban environments, and when properly managed, trees can increase a homeowner’s land value and cut down on heating and cooling costs. While these are wonderful benefits of tree ownership, many homeowners unintentionally take their trees for granted. When this happens, trees become more susceptible to external stressors such as diseases, insects, or construction. Some stressors are biotic, meaning they are living organisms which attack a trees immune system. Other stressors are abiotic, meaning they are essentially environmental: climate, construction, soil, etc. Furthermore, a tree can suffer an external abiotic stressor that can make it more susceptible to a biotic stressor, thereby causing swift and irreparable damage and deterioration. But many of these things can be prevented or mitigated with proper tree care.

Our Certified Arborists

As certified arborists, we know exactly how to mitigate tree problems and which methods work best for each type of tree. Our team of ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborists have been working across North Texas for years, managing trees in various urban environments through various conditions and changes. There are a handful of tree companies that provide certified tree services around the DFW area, but an even smaller number provide the full spectrum of tree services that Dallas Tree Surgeons can. Our arborists are happy to discuss whatever service you may be interested in, whether it’s planting or managing new trees, pruning trees, caring for established trees that may be coming in contact with outside stressors, or removing trees on your property. We believe our people place us at the very top of tree service companies in the North Texas area: owner Amy Langbein Heath and ISA certified arborists Lindsey West Brammer, Hannah Davis, Andy Fergason, and Emily Long. Our team loves to talk about trees and work outdoors, so whether you know your trees need service or you would simply like an assessment, please give us a call.

Tree Care Programs

Tree Diagnosis

Diagnosing tree issues is one of the most important services an arborist can provide. That being said, diagnosing sick trees can be difficult, especially with the myriad of problems urban trees are susceptible to. It takes a certified arborist to fully evaluate a tree’s state of health, and Dallas Tree Surgeons prides itself on having some of the very best arborists in the DFW Metroplex.

Dallas Tree Surgeons’ certified arborists are trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat any environmental issues your trees may face in North Texas. Our arborists are not only ISA certified, they also go through years of in-house training to make sure they are diagnosing tree issues the DTS way.

Construction Mitigation For Trees

Trees provide aesthetic benefits to homes and their surroundings, but they also provide a variety of financial benefits. Trees cut down on heating and cooling costs, improve water drainage, and add tangible land value. But when trees are in the vicinity of construction projects, they become susceptible to outside stressors, many of which prove fatal years down the road. So before someone moves forward with any plans, we recommend having a certified arborist out to assess the situation.

For trees in construction zones, it’s important to identify trees that are in need of maintenance, relocation, or removal. Our program is designed specifically to help trees survive during any local construction projects and thrive afterwards. We like to begin planning at least six months before construction breaks ground, and our team monitors the progress and health of the trees during several visits throughout the year. During that time, we take great care to fertilize and aerate the soil and monitor the progress of construction and its impact on the trees.

Deep Root Fertilization

In urban environments, it’s normal for soil to become compacted and for nutrients to be depleted from the ground. But this becomes highly problematic for urban trees. When soil becomes compacted and nutrients are stripped, trees become stunted and more susceptible to diseases and insects. However, the process of Deep Root Fertilization can help alleviate this problem.

Dallas Tree Surgeons’ process of deep root fertilization delivers a custom-formula fertilizer below the topsoil. Our formula consists of macro and micro nutrients, soil amendments, and biotic and organic materials aimed at supporting tree growth. We also inject Mycorrhizal fungi into the root system, helping to increase the rate of nutrient absorption. This non-intrusive process can be delivered through the year to help fortify trees for years to come.

Our Tree Care Programs

We have a variety of tree care programs designed specifically to treat specific tree problems and help promote the growth and health of your trees. That being said, we often adapt our programs depending on the specific type of tree, issue, or desired result. If you have a tree care need, we would be glad to discuss it with you and detail the various options.

Young Tree Support Programs

New or transplanted trees have difficult times acclimating to new environments, especially in North Texas. One of the most important tips we can offer is watering a new tree properly. Unfortunately, under or overwatering kills most new trees. But maintaining a healthy, stable environment for a tree in the first three years is just as important. The first three years of acclimation are when a tree takes root and grows into its environment.

Our program involves several visits a year to monitor the environmental conditions and assess the tree’s progress. We aerate the soil to improve oxygen flow, fertilize the root system to increase nutrient absorption, introduce organic and biotic soil amendments to promote growth, and apply protection against diseases and insects.

Seasonal Tree Care Programs

Our most universal tree service program is a comprehensive, time-tested approach to tree care. The program includes three visits per year to aerate the soil, fertilize deep within the root system, apply organic and biotic soil amendments, and introduce preventative measures targeted at diseases and insects. We like to think of our Holistic Tree Care Program as the standard measure of tree care programs, which fits in naturally with a tree’s normal lifecycle and is something akin to a doctor’s visit. It’s the best way to stay one step ahead of serious tree problems and treat them when they arise.

Other Programs

Regardless of the issue or concern, Dallas Tree Surgeons has a program designed to match your needs. Whether it’s a sick crepe myrtle, a unique construction project, or the signs of Oak Wilt, we have a solution. And if we don’t have a program specific, we are more than willing to tailor a program to your satisfaction. Whether you are planting a new tree or are trying to maintain an old one, please give us a call.

General Tree Care Tips

Watering Trees

Established trees do not require extra watering unless they have recently been compromised by external stressors like construction, infestation, extreme weather conditions, disease, etc. But new trees are a different story. New trees can be very temperamental, and uniform, even watering is always recommended.

Mulching Around Trees

Mulching can be very beneficial to trees, increasing both their oxygen and nutrient absorption. This is one of the easiest ways to care for a tree. However, only organic mulch should be used, and it’s important not to bunch mulch at the base of a tree.

Removing Deadwood From Trees

Deadwood should be removed before the issue turns into a major problem. If deadwood is left unattended, it can lead to an entry way for diseases and insects. Furthermore, deadwood can break from trees, causing harm to people and buildings. If you think your tree has deadwood, you should address the problem as soon as possible.

Protecting Critical Root Zones

A tree’s root zone should be taken into consideration when environmental changes or construction are taking place. Root zones should be protected from any digging, trenching, or random liquids spills. Keeping a tree’s root system healthy is vital to its health and longevity.


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