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Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming, sometimes referred to as tree pruning, is an important part of maintaining trees in an urban environment. While tree trimming has numerous benefits, these only apply when done correctly. Improper trimming can severely damage the tree to the point that even a certified arborist won’t be able to repair it. When done correctly, however, a regularly trimmed tree will thrive and add to the beauty of your landscape while preventing disease and other issues.

Why Trim Your Trees

There are wide ranges of reasons to hire a certified arborist for tree trimming. Sometimes, trees will be trimmed to reduce the risk of branches falling or to get rid of dead branches. Other times, trimming will be done for aesthetic reasons as the homeowner wants their tree to look a certain way. Tree trimming can also be used to improve the overall health of the plant in question. When done carefully with strategic cuts, it can increase the ability of air and light to get within the tree’s crown, encouraging it to grow. Trimming can also allow this light and air to reach landscaping under the canopy of the tree.

Why You Should Hire Dallas Tree Surgeons To Trim Your Trees

Although it may seem simple to trim a tree, the process is actually much more complicated than most people realize. As trees are living things, you need to make strategic cuts in a way that will not injure the tree. The certified arborist staff and other team members at DTS have the experience, training, and overall knowledge to make the proper cuts and even determine whether tree trimming is necessary. We only practice tree pruning techniques that improve the health of the tree and take the proper safety precautions while doing so.

What Is Good Tree Trimming?

Good tree trimming involves a range of techniques, each of which serves a different purpose. Crown Cleaning is one of the most common types of tree pruning your arborist will do. This involves removing weakly, diseased, dead, or dying branches from the tree’s crown. They may also do Crown Thinning, which is selectively removing branches to increase the light and air penetration through the crown. When done correctly, thinning will open up the foliage, retain the tree’s natural shape, and reduce its weight on heavy limbs. Crown Raising is when a certified arborist will take off the lower branches of a tree so there is enough clearance for people, cars, or buildings.

What Is improper Tree Pruning?

Topping is a very bad tree trimming technique. Despite this, it remains common among certain companies. In topping, tree branches are cut at random down to improper places making in impossible for trees to heal the pruning cuts. Stub cuts take longer for the wounds to close, which can make it easy for diseases and insects to get into the tree. It also causes permanent structural damage increasing the risk of broken limbs and uprooted trees. Our certified arborist will advise you on the proper way to trim trees and help you attain your goals in the healthiest way possible for the trees.

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